Enniscorthy Community College of Further Education is a Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board School
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General Course Administration

Any Further Education (FE) student who wishes to discuss any issues regarding their course must follow the following sequence

  1. Raise the matter with the Tutor concerned
  2. Contact their Course Director if the issue is not resolved
  3. If the problem is not solved at this point contact either PLC Coordinators
  4. If issue still not sorted Principal will intervene


  • FE students have a personal responsibility to ensure that all course related assignments/ projects are submitted with the relevant coversheet(s) by the deadline date. Tutors and Course Directors may refuse to accept any /projects which are not submitted by the deadline date irrespective of the circumstances. Tutors/Course Directors may at their own discretion accept late assignments/ projects with penalties (e.g. subtracting marks from the FE student’s assignment/ project)
  • FE Students must keep a hard copy of assignments/ projects already submitted in a secure place as such projects/ assignments WILL NOT be handed back.
  • FE students must pay all their course fees by the designated date. Where the (QQI) exam fee is not paid results will not be processed or awarded due to non- payment.
  • FE students may appeal to (QQI) to appeal a failed module, the date for appeal is usually mid-September. The College will only retain projects and assignments until this appeals procedure has been closed after which they will be disposed of.
  • All FE students must be aware that the duration of the PLC academic year runs from the first week of September to the last day of May inclusive.
  • The Board of Management of Enniscorthy Community College of Further Education reserve the right to investigate and recommend to WWETB the removal or suspension of a FE student who does not comply with any of the conditions of the Student Protocol.
  • The college and any staff member thereof reserve the right to decline to write a reference as to the academic and/or moral character of a FE student.
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